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	     Erwin Wildlife Management Area Erwin Wildlife Management Area Erwin Wildlife Management Area Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails

Very close to Corning, Erwin Wildlife Management Area is a wonderful place for hiking, cross-country skiing and horse-back riding. There are several trails, so explore the side trails off the two main dirt roads through the park. Be sure to see Erwin Pond, a lovely pond just off the main dirt road leading from the Smith Hill Road entrance.

A cut, that is, a mowed strip of land, stretches around the outside boundary of most of the park. This land is heavily used for hunting, so steer clear of it during hunting season.

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Dennison Park

Dennison Park is right in Corning. Drive east on Dennison Parkway, and you will see it ahead on your right and left. The park spans both sides of the road, but there are tunnels under the road to connect it. You will find walking paths, a great playground for kids and a duck pond. There is even a pool, a skatepark and a disc golf course. For those who love to picnic, there is a covered pavilion. Andrew Carnegie designed the landscaping, so plan to visit in spring and fall when the trees are at their most beautiful.

picture of lake views from Pine Creek Rail Trail Pine Creek Rail Trail Pine Creek Rail Trail DCNR Site

The Pine Creek Rail Trail stretches 64 miles through the Pine Creek valley. You will find a wonderful trail for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and even trail-riding. Many people see as they hike. There are trails at the top where you can backpack along the ridge and see the bald eagles who nest on the cliffs and great views of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Many like to raft on the creek in spring and summer. To view a pdf map of this trail click on Pine Creek Rail Trail.